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We're all allowed one mistake.

9 April 2021

Some years ago, I was at our institutional leadership retreat which was by invite only. The organizing committee for it started inviting a certain number of people and those that went to it would run next year's retreat and hence be able to invite someone for that coming year. The plan was to have all employees go through the retreat. It was a fun learning experience but people knew that there was no place to be a leader except for a select few favorites in administration. But, I digress.

Since I was invited and then on the committee for the following year I went to two sessions. One of the memories I have from all those years ago was our president saying, in front of everyone, that we're all allowed one mistake. Yes, one mistake. She didn't say what would happen after that one mistake.

I'm not sure if my jaw dropped or not but I couldn't believe that that was what our so-called leader of a whole organization actually said. The best response came after the retreat when I mentioned her phrase to one of my colleagues. He said that my first mistake was filling out the job application. He was right.