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We're not spoiled

26 March 2021

How many times have you been told you're spoiled because something is easier or done differently? The fact that you can instantly look up a song in Spotify or Apple Music or YouTube or wherever, it's because you're spoiled.

What about before recorded music? Were you spoiled when vinyl albums came out? You didn't need to travel to hear the singer or wait for them patiently to show up on the radio.

What about cassettes? You could now be portable, so you're spoiled. What about CDs? You don't have to listen to the crackling of vinyl or the hissing of tapes. Listening to what you wanted in a car, is that being spoiled?

We're not spoiled. The normal is just different. The normal changes, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Normal is what you are used to at the time you are in it. You're not spoiled because your normal is looking up information on the Web instead of going to the library. It just happens it's easier now, more convenient. Going to the library for an answer was the normal at some point in time but that normal has changed.